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The rapid repair method for damaged layer of rubber conveyor belt on site

At present, rubber conveyor belts and crawlers are widely used in the production and transportation of industrial materials. For example, the conveyor belt in coal mining will suffer from the wear of goods in the process of use. After a long time, the surface will be destroyed, affecting the normal production. Because the rubber belt is usually composed of several layers, the conveyor belt with the damaged surface is easy to be discarded, resulting in a great waste of resources. Usually, the operator removes the damaged layer during field maintenance and compresses it into one layer. However, because the working conditions of belt products are usually wide and long, it is time-consuming and laborious to remove the damaged parts in the maintenance process of belt conveyor equipment. How to easily and quickly remove the damaged layer on the conveyor belt. The cleaning and maintenance of the system have become an urgent problem.


In order to effectively solve the time-consuming and laborious problem of cleaning the damaged layer of a rubber belt, realize one-time mechanization and improve maintenance efficiency, kunshuo industrial belt manufacturers can carry out scientific treatment before repair. Heavy-duty conveyor belt: mainly includes three parts: transmission, longitudinal cutting of damaged layer, and grinding mechanism of cutting surface. The tool is equipped with an electric motor and electric control box. The electric control box controls the drive of the motor. The transmission mechanism comprises an output roller and a conveyor belt at one end of the device. The conveying roller on the main body of the production line rolls the rubber belt to be repaired onto the output roller and runs forward by rotating the output. The damaged layer cutting structure is set on the lower line of the output roller, including the longitudinal cutter on the roller shaft and the sticking roller shaft, which is composed of the cutter roller mechanism. The distance between the two can be adjusted according to the thickness of the rubber conveyor belt so that when the belt passes between the roller shaft and the slitting knife, the knife edge can cut off the damaged layer. The cleaning structure is usually arranged at the rear end of the main body of the belt conveyor line, and close to the top of the conveying roller, there is a rotating roller driven by an electric motor to rotate rapidly. The surface is equipped with a cleaning brush, which can quickly grind the cutting surface of the broken annular rubber conveyor belt.


In addition, in order to better realize the repair and self-cleaning effect of this set of belt maintenance tools, kunshuo belt manufacturer has installed a dust removal mechanism on the upper part of the dust removal device, which can absorb debris and surround the whole polishing mechanism with debris. The waste generated in the grinding operation can be quickly recovered and removed through the external discharge hopper. The above method is convenient, simple, and truly realizes the green repair operation of the conveyor belt on the customer's site, which is very practical.