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Is a conveyor belt with a long span easy to deviate

During the operation of the conveyor belt, sometimes there will be deviations. In general, it is rare that the conveyor belt deviates due to the problems of the conveyor belt itself, and the deviation of the conveyor belt is mainly caused by the conveyor. Conveyor belt deviation can be caused by non-parallel rollers, non-vertical support and inflexible roller rotation. For a relatively short conveyor belt, due to the inflexible rotation of the rollers on one side and the high probability of other factors, the possibility of deviation of the conveyor belt is relatively high, while for a long conveyor belt, due to the increase in the number of idlers, the single The asymmetry of the side effects will be reduced, and therefore less misalignment will appear on the belt. Of course, there are exceptions in some cases, such as: when the self-aligning idler is inflexible in swing or fixed at an incline, the surface of the roller is not clean enough, or the external environment, etc., can cause the conveyor belt to deviate.
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