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Lightweight conveyor belt industry characteristics

The application fields of light conveyor belt products are very wide, and the requirements for product performance are very precise, and the performance requirements of different industries are quite different. Different application environments and uses of downstream industries have great differences in the performance requirements of light conveyor belts, which put forward high requirements on the technical capabilities of enterprises. In this regard, enterprises need to modify the covering material, deal with the skeleton fabric, and find suitable primer materials and the best manufacturing process to achieve different conveyor belt performance. The performance of some high-end products also requires enterprises to combine advanced calendering technology. to be realized.
The value of the type conveyor belt accounts for a relatively low proportion of the value of the entire automatic production line or conveying equipment, but it is an indispensable part of the normal operation of the related equipment. Once a problem occurs, it will have a significant adverse impact on the daily production and management of customers. Therefore, the downstream direct users have high requirements on the timeliness of services, which requires enterprises to be able to understand the customer's conveyor belt usage in a timely manner and to respond to their needs for replacement and repair of conveyor belts in a short time. Therefore, the construction of market service network is one of the important ways for light conveyor belt enterprises to cope with market competition.