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Little knowledge of cut-resistant conveyor belts

Cut-resistant conveyor belt is a kind of conveyor belt with cutting-resistant surface, its main feature is excellent cutting-resistant ability. In addition to being able to transport materials, there is another skill that can be used for cutting materials. The cut-resistant conveyor belt is easy to use, easy to maintain, and saves manpower and material resources. Therefore, the cut-resistant conveyor belt can be widely used in the cutting field of various materials. The most common one is the cutting machine.


Cut-resistant conveyor belts also have the following advantages:

1. The difference between the cut-resistant conveyor belt and other conveyor belts is that it is very resistant to cutting, so the surface of the conveyor belt is resistant to aging.

Good performance, the surface adhesive layer is thick;

2. The cutting-resistant conveyor belt is easy to install. If the equipment is not easy to disassemble, it can also be connected on site;

3. In some industrial applications, the service life is relatively long, and it is relatively cost-effective;