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What is the main difference in the performance of nylon conveyor belt and polyester conveyor belt

The characteristics of polyester conveyor belts compared with general and nylon conveyor belts; polyester conveyor belts have good specifications for heat resistance, high wet strength, higher impact resistance and better tear resistance characteristics, while nylon conveyor belts In terms of the belt body is light, thin, fatigue resistance, impact resistance, good grooveability, tensile strength, that is, the belt body is soft, both of them are suitable for wet and cold natural environments.

Nylon conveyor belt
The characteristics of nylon conveyor belt, the belt is thin, light weight, good ductility, impact resistance, adhesion and compression strength, good properties, solid layer adhesion, high strength, the compression strength of nylon white canvas is about cotton white canvas It is several times higher than that, with the characteristics of excellent flexibility and long service life, it is suitable for the transportation of raw materials under medium and long distances and high-load fast standards.
According to the different characteristics of covering glue, it can be divided into general type, flame retardant type, low temperature resistant type, corrosion resistant type, acid and alkali resistant type, etc. Nylon conveyor belts are also divided into 100 type 150 type 200 type 300 type and so on.
Polyester conveyor belt
Polyester conveyor belt is made of double-layer polyester (or warp direction polyester, weft direction is polyester amine) white canvas bonded together according to a certain method, and the left and right covering rubber have high strength and good ductility and wear-resistant rubber. It is used to transport raw materials such as small and medium-sized small blocks/granules/powders, suitable for medium and long distances, high load capacity, and transportation of raw materials under fast standards.