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Can the damaged and scratched rubber conveyor belt be repaired and reused?

Rubber conveyor belts are mainly used for the transportation of solid materials in various enterprises, and it is a frequent problem to be damaged and scratched during the transmission process. Although the price of rubber conveyor belts is not very expensive, it is not cheap. If it is damaged, it is thrown away directly. It's a waste, but the repair can still be used.

Commonly used rubber conveyor belt repair methods are as follows:

1. Hot vulcanization glue connection method: its advantages are high bonding strength, which can reach 90% of the original belt; the joint is flat, no impact; the flexibility is relatively good. The disadvantage is that the heat source is required to be high during vulcanization, the equipment is bulky, and it is not conducive to handling; the process is complicated, the time is long, and it is greatly affected by the ambient temperature and humidity. Moreover, the vulcanized part of the joint is prone to peeling and cracking.

2. Mechanical connection method: its advantages are simple, fast and cheap operation. The disadvantage is that the strength of the connecting part of the tape is weakened, only 35%.-45% of the original belt, easy to fatigue damage, short service life, and the joint is not flat, and there is impact during operation. The damage to the roller is serious, and it is accompanied by material leakage. question.

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3. Soleil carbon nanopolymer material repair method: This material is a modified material composed of natural rubber and polyurethane. The advantages of the material are fast curing speed, high bonding strength with the substrate, aging resistance, abrasion resistance, resistance to Corrosive and has 350% elongation. It can be used to repair various rubber conveyor belts, rubber-lined tank butterfly valve seals, cables, water turbines, mine chutes, sewage treatment equipment, etc. Secondly, the repair process of this technology is relatively simple. It only needs to perform surface treatment on the scratched parts of the rubber conveyor belt, and then apply materials such as materials to cure.

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