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Chevron conveyor beltChevron conveyor belt Factory

Chevron conveyor belt

Chevron conveyor belt

product description

Chevron conveyor belt

Fabric Spec EP- 80~EP- 400 NN- 80~NN-400 CC-56 T.C-56
width ( mm ) 300~2000


shape and character>>>

On the sur face of the belt,there is chevron pattern higher than the belt bodyd.The pattern may be either

open-end or closed. Each kind of patte rn includes three types,high.medium and low.



It can convey powde red ,granutated and small lump materials at the inclination of no more than 40,it can also

convey packaged materials.


Patterned >>>

Patterned conveyor belt is composed of belt carcass and pattern. The shape and heigh(depth)of patten is subject   to the material it conveyory  and the the angle of the



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