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Conveyor Belt Routine Maintenance Solutions

1. Performance characteristics of industrial rubber conveyor belt repair agent

Industrial rubber repair agent belongs to room temperature curing, solvent-free polyether adhesive type;

It has the characteristics of fast curing speed, simple operation, convenient use, good filling, non-toxic and tasteless, medium resistance, aging resistance, high bonding strength and high dielectric strength;

After curing, it has high toughness, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, impact wear resistance, and excellent cavitation resistance.

2. Application of industrial rubber repair agent

It is used for splicing and repairing and elastic seams of the whole core of rubber products, steel core and ordinary conveyor belts for longitudinal and transverse tearing;

Conveyor belt surface wear, defects, block drop, belt edge wear, belt surface perforation repair and joint sealing;

Bonding, insulating sealing and repairing of cables, rubber linings, tires, rubber impellers, rubber rollers and other rubber products;

It can also be used for the preparation of rubber lining coatings for equipment with resistance to cavitation, anti-cavitation, impact resistance and wear resistance.

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3. How to use industrial rubber repair agent

Surface preparation: Clean, decontaminate, degrease and dry the bristle to be repaired.

Repair with glue: Pour the curing agent B group into the iron can of the main agent group A, stir quickly, A:B=2:1, then pour it to the place to be repaired and smooth it. If the amount used is small, you can mix a small amount first. For use, put the unused plastic cap tightly on the bottle and store it in a cool and dry place.

Curing: It can be used in 2-4 hours after curing at room temperature, and reaches the maximum strength in 48 hours.