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Performance characteristics of nylon sprocket of belt conveyor

1. In the process of production and transportation, nylon sprockets also have good shock resistance and noise elimination ability, and can also play a good role in oil resistance, weak acid and alkali resistance and chemical reaction.
2. During the actual production, transportation and operation, the nylon sprocket can also better block the power supply, and will not produce any toxins. There is no need for metal sprockets, so metal belt conveyor sprockets are gradually replaced, which saves production costs for enterprises.
3. Nylon sprocket is a sprocket composed of cog-type sprocket teeth, and can mesh with the link chain block and the pitch on the chain cable more accurately. Usually, it will be made during processing. It is a translucent or milky white sprocket in the form of a tough angle, and it is also a solid and spoked gear, which can better achieve mutual meshing with the conveying equipment and the roller chain, and realize the meshing between the roller and the nylon sprocket. After that, a better transfer operation can be performed.
4. The nylon sprocket of the belt conveyor is made of a thermoplastic resin with repetitive amide groups on the molecular chain, and has high mechanical properties, which not only play a role in heat resistance and resistance in production operations It also has the characteristics of low friction coefficient and self-lubricating characteristics.