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What should be paid attention to when installing and using conveyor belts

How to install the conveyor belt
Put a flexible shaft on the conveyor belt winding core, and set the belt roll up. Before loading the belt, pay attention to the direction of the upper and lower covers not to be reversed.
In the workplace where it is not suitable to be put on the shelf, the conveyor belt roll can be guided away, and the conveyor belt at the folding position has a large curvature radius to prevent damage to the conveyor belt. It is forbidden to place heavy objects on the conveyor belt at the folding position.
If it is to replace the conveyor belt, the new belt can be connected with the old belt, and the unloading and the installation of the new conveyor belt can be carried out at the same time.
For horizontal conveyors, the old conveyor can be cut off at any point. For conveyors operating in an oblique direction, the cut-off point must be selected to prevent uncontrollable sliding due to its own weight.
After setting the position of the new belt on the conveyor, fix one end of the tape with a clamp, and then connect it to the rope that goes around the rollers and pulleys. The conveyor belt is balanced on the conveyor through the traction device. Prevent the conveyor belt and the frame from squeezing each other.
Fix one end of the conveyor belt on the conveyor frame with a clamp, and use the pulley to pull the other end tightly until the conveyor belt does not sag significantly on the return roller.

Some precautions for conveyor belts
1. The conveying object cannot be larger than the conveyor belt to avoid touching other objects. At the same time, pay attention to the conveying object not to get stuck in the roller, and pay attention to the lubrication of the conveyor belt, but do not put the lubricating oil on the conveyor belt;
2. Overload transmission is not allowed. The consequences of overload transmission are easy to be damaged, easy to break, etc.;
3. Conveyor belts can’t run off the track. It often happens that the conveyor belts slowly fall off. The main reason is that the conveyor belts run off. Check it out in time;
4. If the conveyor belt is damaged, it must be stopped for maintenance, and it can work normally after it is restored.
Conveyor belts are used for conveying, and are very needed in production applications. Basically all mechanical equipment needs to use conveyor belts. In daily life, it is very common. For example, cars and engines all need conveyor belts, which are mainly used in industrial production, which can improve the efficiency of production.