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Why are conveyor belt joints easy to crack and break

The strength at the conveyor belt joint is lower than that of the normal belt body. Generally, when mechanically connected, the joint strength can only reach 40-50% of the strength of the belt body. When the quality of the cold bonding method is better, the joint strength can reach 60-70%, and the thermal bonding joint strength can reach 80-90%. (The joint method is correct and there is no quality defect). Because the strength of the joint is relatively low, if the bonding method is not correct, the strength of the joint will be even lower, such as cutting the knife, damaging the next layer of cloth during grinding, excessive grinding, insufficient lap length, insufficient number of steps, and bonding. The rubber used in the joint has poor performance or has failed self-sulfurization, the wire rope is over-polished, the wire rope is rusted, etc., the strength of the joint part will be greatly reduced, and the joint part is prone to disconnection during use.
In addition, if the conveyor belt does not use sealing glue, or the direction of the glue joint is wrong, the joint part is prone to cracking (surface glue part).


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